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So the background story behind Cooks at Home...where to start!?!

All my life I have had a passion for children, (bear with me here we do get to the foodie bit) I went forth with determination, worked hard at school, went to university, studied child psychology and decided Educational Psychology was my path to occupational success. However, on my journey I learnt many things about myself and the big wide world, came across a few brick walls and whilst attempting to overcome those bricks realised that maybe they were trying to tell me something and found myself for the first time in my life not knowing what I wanted to do.
So I became a nanny, whilst trying to work out what I wanted to do in life. I am a very good cook (even if I do say so myself), have always always loved creating things and my Italian background stood in me good stead. I have been taught how to cook by the best...Italian relatives, French and German relatives, (really, I am a true Heinz 57) and of course by my wonderful English Mum. From the age of about 9 I have loved being in the kitchen, baking and cooking meals. Which was lucky really due to the fact that I come from a large (and noisy) family and once a week each of us children had to make dinner for the rest of the family; one of my brothers always cooked bacon in some way or other, I can't remember what my other brother cooked (which leads me to believe he always managed to shirk this chore) and my sister always cooked pancakes (to this day this is still her favourite and main dish!). I on the other hand relished in my task, from lasagnes to fish cakes to simply making something out of the contents of the fridge. I will even open the trust circle and let you guys know that I used to prepare all ingredients and place them in bowls like they do on the telly and then talk about what I was doing (to noone in particular) and basically pretending to be a tv Chef!
But I digress, here I was, nannying to cover maternity and sick leave and hence had several posts and it came to my attention that busy people (i.e. everyone) and unfortunately many a nannies could not cook. I found my phone being rung asking me if I would go back and cook lots of meals to put in the freezer for the nannies or mums to take out and use everyday. So here I was driving to pick up one of my little charges (hello Carmen!) from playschool, stuck at traffic lights and the light bulb shone brightly...why don't I cook for people...go to their homes and fill their freezer with home cooked ready meals. Brilliant!! It also fitted in rather well with the entrepreneurial family that I have been blessed to be born within.
Back then I had never even heard the term 'Personal Chef' and was quite chuffed with myself for having thought up this idea before anyone else. I then did some research (thank heavens for the internet) and found that a million zillion others had thought of it already, mainly in the US but also down south in London, many had realised how our time deprived, take-out saturated nation needed and wanted home cooked meals every night but didn't or couldn't cook for themselves.
Jamie Oliver, amongst others, have opened our hearts and eyes to the state of the nations culinary skills and dining habits; people have become immensely aware of what they are putting in their mouths and the mouths of their children. I started Cooks At Home with a passion to, yes make money, yes to fill your homes with delicious food but also to help families, singles (of all ages...my eldest client to date is 96 years young), couples and guests sit down at a table together, talk and laugh about their day (or cry their troubles out) over delicious home cooked food that hasn't been processed or pumped with words that you cannot pronounce and then put back together again and packaged into something that looks like food. 
Since then my client base has grown tremendously, even including some fabulous celebrities and professional sportsmen,  I have had the pleasure of working with and training many chefs that now cook for you guys all around the UK, I have thoroughly enjoyed running Cooks At Home Cookery Masterclasses for adults with a glass or two of wine, the Cooks At Home After School Cookery Clubs for children (minus the wine), been honoured to cater for special events such as Weddings, Christenings, birthdays, surprise anniversary/proposal dinners....and more. I am so very proud of how the business has developed and of our amazing reputation for delivering amazing food and service with passion, expertise and of course a smile (and many laughs). 
So get in touch, let us fill your freezer with scrumptious meals, load your party table with mouth-watering food, leave your kitchen spotlessly clean and give YOU more time to enjoy life!

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